Drop Acrylic Crystal, Hwa Tien Acrylic Crystal Wholesale

Drop Acrylic Crystal, Hwa Tien Acrylic Crystal Wholesale

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Hwa Tien is a top acrylic crystal supplier from Taiwan. We run our own factory to ensure high quality and competitive price to our customers. Acrylic crystals bulk and OEM service are offered. Find and order the acrylic crystals you need to make your ideal acrylic crystal rhinestone fabrics from specialized acrylic crystal wholesaler, E-mail us today!

Rhinestone material: acrylic

Rhinestone size: 6x10mm~20x30mm

Rhinestone spec: drop shape, 2 holes, faceted cutting, flat back


Sew on rhinestones are mainly used in rhinestone fabric and clothing industry, such as clothes, blouse, button, wedding dress, dancing dress etc.

3C electronic products, such as cameranotebookUSBear phonecellular phonecalculator are often decorated by acrylic stones as well.


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