Gold lucky cow bring fortune. Rhinestone necklace & key ring

Our rhinestones craft supplies are very suitable for Ox year ornaments

2021/2/11   53606   Fashion Accessories, Imitation Jewellery Accessories, Diy Handicraft

Attaching gold, silver, and other colored acrylic rhinestones on the moo moo cow jewelry accessory, which can string on keychains, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings and other ornaments. Our rhinestones craft supplies are very suitable for DIY any Lunar New Year of the Ox ornaments which symbolize that you will redeem your investment a bull market condition all the time. As a high-quality acrylic rhinestones manufacturer in Taiwan, Hwa Tien strass wholesale sells products globally to jewelry & ornaments companies. Inquiry now, bring luck for years.


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