Rhinestone Spider Web High Heels: A Unique Halloween Choice

Rhinestone Spider Web High Heels: A Unique Halloween Choice

2023/10/8   14088   Shoes, Festive Suppliers-Christmas, Diy Handicraft

Inspired by Halloween, these rhinestone spider web high heels are truly distinctive. The heel’s surface is adorned with a special weave, complemented by black spiders, embellished with shimmering purple rhinestones, creating an air of mystery. The heels are adorned with spider web designs, adding an extra element of surprise, perfect for Halloween parties and themed dances. As a supplier of rhinestones craft supplies, Hwa Tien offers a variety of rhinestone crafting materials, including sew-on rhinestones. We welcome all clothing and footwear manufacturers to enhance their product lines with a unique charm. Feel free to contact us to explore more creative possibilities together.


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