Heart Check Acrylic Gemstone, Hwa Tien Gemstone Factory

Heart Check Acrylic Gemstone, Hwa Tien Gemstone Factory

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Hwa Tien as one of top acrylic gemstone manufacturers in the world, we have run our acrylic gemstone factory in Taiwan more than 30 years for the clothing and fashion accessories industries. Discover a wide selection of acrylic gemstones and ind everything you need to create your own fashion design. Contact us to buy the best acrylic gemstones!

Rhinestone material: acrylic

Rhinestone size: 6mm~33mm

Rhinestone spec: heart shape, check faceted cutting, flat back p7_03.jpg

All acrylic rhinestone approved by SGS. It is suitable for ornaments, imitation jewel, leather products, watches, shoes buckles, toys, promotional items, Christmas decoration, hair accessories and handy-craft items.

Considering the hot fix rhinestones may not be glued securely on the products, the Rhinestones in sew on settings are the best choices. Unlike hot fix rhinestones, there is another advantage for sewing items on clothing or ornaments, they are removable.

Acrylic rhinestone is widely used in the field of fashion accessories, such as belt buckle, imitation jewelry, necklace, bracelet, earrings, hair ornament.


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