The quality of the first acrylic diamond

Product quality, suitable for clothing accessories, jewelry, shoes, jewelry, Christmas decorations, promotional gifts, handicrafts and hair accessories.


S/B(Sharp Back) acrylic rhinestone

F/C(Faceted Cutting), F/B(Flat Back) acrylic rhinestone

HALF acrylic rhinestone

CHECK, F/B acrylic rhinestone

2-SIDE acrylic rhinestone

MIRROR acrylic rhinestone

2 HOLE acrylic rhinestone

1 Hole acrylic rhinestone

Our products can be used in clothing, shoes, handicrafts, nail, decoration ... etc.

About Us

HWA TIEN is a leading manufacturer of making high quality acrylic rhinestone in Taiwan. We provide acrylic rhinestone including: Regimental QC system. The most competitive price. The most prompt delivery. Perfect Laser cutting. Various sizes, colors and styles. In order to achieve the world-class quality standard.

It is suitable for ornaments, imitation jewel, leather products, watches, shoes buckles, toys, promotional items, Christmas decoration, hair accessories and handy-craft items.

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